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As a miniature painter I often find myself painting miniature faces. This useally is the focal point of the miniature, so I want to paint them as good as possible. For this, good paint is a must.


In this review I'm going to tell you about my experience with the Vallejo Fantasy-Pro Fairy Flesh set.


This set contains 8 dropper bottles in the following colors: Nocturna Shadow, Burned Flesh, Reddish Flesh, Base Flesh, Medium Flesh, Natural Flesh, Fairy Flesh and Highlight Skin. The box also contains a manual that explains things as highlights/lowlights and gives a few simple step by step tutorials for a couple different skin tones. 


The Fairy Flesh Set is mainly focused on the more reddish/warm skin tones. When you are looking for more blueish /cooler tones the Malefic Flesh Set from Vallejo might be the thing you are looking for.


A new favorite!


In my painting days I've tried and own lots of different paints for skin tones.

But I must say, I have found a new favorite!


I had the opportunity to test the paint on two bigger miniatures. Maybe you recognise them; Joel and Ellie from The Last of US.


For Joel I used the slightly darker tones from the set. And some of the reddish ones for the scar on his nose.

The paint is really pleasant to use. It has a nice consistency that is very smooth.

Not at all chalky/grainy,  that you get with certain other brands.

It is easy to blend and gives a good coverage. It dries nice and even and has a matte finish.  It also combines well with washes and other kinds of paint. 


For Ellie I've used the lighter colors, some reddish blush on her cheeks and lips, and a bit of darker paint for her freckles.

I've also tried the paint on a couple small faces of tabletop miniatures.

It is very easy to work with.


By blending the paints you can get a wide range of skintones out of this set.


The color: Nocturna Shadow from the set is a little greener than you might expect form seeing it on the box. But don't be mistaken, a good skintone has a lot more green in it than you might expect. I think this color is very useful for blending with the other colors to get a darker tone and to add shadows.

pros and cons

+ easy to use: good coverage and easy to blend.


+ Nice smooth texture, not grainy or chalky at all.


+ Dries even and has a matte finish.


+The colors from the set match and blend well with each other, giving you a wide range of possibilities.

- The color: Nocturna Shadow is a lot greener than you might expect from seeing on the package.


- too bad that there isn't a set solely for dark skin tones.

The verdict


I'm a complete fan of the Vallejo Fantasy-Pro Fairy Flesh Set.

The quality is super and it is very easy to use.

In the future I would definitely like to add the other color sets form the Frantasy-Pro line to my collection :)



- Martine, MarTiny Creations

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